1. What is Astro Go Read?

Astro Go Read is a free app to discover, read and curate articles that matter. Begin your journey through the neat sections of the app to find premium magazines, trending articles and follow stories through Topics, adding your own selection, along the way.


2. What are the magazine titles available on Go Read?

List of available magazine titles include Car (English/Chinese/Malay), Style, iFeel, InTrend, Four Four Two and Men’s Uno.


3. How can I get these magazines?

Free to all Astro Go Read users, look for interactive magazines available for most magazine titles. Get video and audio extras. To download, tap Download the Free Interactive E-Mag.

"Super Pack Plus customers get FULL emags (digitized version of the print publication) for free.

Simply tap Titles, pick your favourite magazines and tap Download the Full Magazine."

"All Astro customers can now read The Malay Mail e- paper for free.

Tap Titles, scroll to News from the navigation bar on top. To download e-paper, tap on Get the E-paper."

With all downloads, do consider using WiFi.

4. How do I get started?

Download and Read

i. On your device, visit the App Store or Play Store
ii. Search for Astro Go Read
iii. Click the install button and wait for the download to be completed
iv. Look for the app and launch it by tapping on the app icon

For web, you may access it through https://astrogoread.astro.com.my

You can access the Trending and Topics section of the app as is, without logging in. In the Titles section, all interactive magazines are FREE to download and can be accessed without signing in.

Tap the "Login" button on the top of the main menu to log in. Logging in with a valid Astro ID enhances your reading experience. Logging in lets you create and follow your own Topics. And as a bonus, if you're an Astro Super Pack Plus subscriber, logging in to the app allows you to download Full Magazines.

An Astro ID is not limited to Astro customers and can be created by anyone for free. Register now on the Astro Go Read app or on www.astro.com.my


5. How do I navigate around Astro Go Read?

Tap Titles to access top magazines. All downloaded magazines can be found in My Shelf. . To download magazines, link your Astro Smart Card number with your Astro ID. Don’t have an Astro ID? Scroll to How do I create an Astro ID? for more details.

Browse relevant Topics through the Topics page and login with a valid Astro ID to add your own Topic by tapping the + sign. Don’t have an Astro ID? Scroll to How do I create an Astro ID? Your choice helps us determine relevant content for you with greater accuracy.


6. How do I create an Astro ID?

Tap on SIGN UP FOR ASTRO ID in the login section of the Astro Go Read app and create your Astro ID.

On the web, visit our registration page on www.astro.com.my and create your Astro ID

Once you have successfully registered, a verification email will be sent to confirm your email address.

You will need to verify and confirm the new Astro ID by clicking on the link provided in the verification email. Please note that the link in the email is only valid for 48 hours.

Your Astro ID can then be used to access any Astro product that requires an Astro ID.

If you are an Astro customer, get added value by linking your Astro Smart Card number with your Astro ID. This allows us to check your eligibility for access to full PDF versions of premium magazine titles of your choice. Astro Super Pack Plus customers can download 3 premium issues. For a limited time, Astro Super Pack customers can preview for free, 3 premium issues.


7. I have forgotten the password for my Astro account, what do I do?

In the Login section in the app, tap on Forgot Your Password. An email will be sent to the email account that is linked to your Astro ID with further instructions on how to reset your password.

8. My account is locked, how can I unlock it?

You can contact customer support, see below - "21. How do I get in touch with Support at Astro Go Read?

9. How do I login with my Facebook Account?

Tap on SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK in the login section of your app. This will bring you to the Facebook login screen.

10. How do I link my Astro account, to an existing Astro ID?

Existing Astro customers get to enjoy their entitlements by simply linking your Facebook account with your Astro ID. If you would like to use your Facebook account as your primary login on Astro Go Read and still be able to enjoy the perks that come with your Astro ID, simply link those two together.
With your Facebook account logged in to the Astro Go Read app, access LINK to ASTRO ID from the User Settings page on the top of the menu. Follow the instructions and you should be all set.


11. What devices do you support?

Generally, Astro Go Read supports all devices and OS systems. However, Astro Go Read is optimized for the below devices in particular.
iOS – Most iPhones and iPads on iOS 8.0 or later.

Android - Most Android powered smartphones, phablets and tablets. Requires Android 4.0 or later.

Web: Any laptop/desktop running the latest versions of Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

PC/Notebook/Mac/Macbook – Accessible from latest versions of web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


12. Can I access Astro Go Read without an internet connection?

To ensure we serve you relevant and latest content, please ensure that you are connected to the internet to add new Topics or download magazines.

13. What is the difference between the individual magazines in App/Play Store compared those available on Astro Go Read?

It’s your favourite magazines. There’s no difference except that they are now conveniently available in one app, for faster access on the go.


14. How do I add new Topics?

Step 1: Tap on "+ Add a New Topic"

Step 2: Key in any topic of interest or tap on our recommended topics

Step 3: Your new Topic will be added. Tap on it to access the articles.

To remove a Topic, tap on the Edit button.


15. What is Trending Page for?

The Trending page shows latest collection of stories that matter.


16. How can I refresh my content in the Trending section?

You can refresh content only from the 1st page, by swiping the main screen to the right and release when the indicator “Release to Update” appears on the left of the screen.


17. How do I search for an article?

You can search for articles by tapping on the Search icon at the top right hand side of your screen. Search is available to you on every screen of the app.

Found an article that you like? Click Like/Dislike at the top of your screen to help us recommend better articles that interest you.

18. Do I need to pay for magazines?

If you are an Astro customer, link your Astro Smart Card number with your Astro ID. This allows us to check your eligibility for access to certain titles and the full PDF versions of premium magazine titles of your choice. For a limited time only, Astro Super Pack Plus customers can download 50 Editions of premium magazine per month for Free.

The interactive e-mag is available for download to all app users, including non Astro customers.


19. Can I purchase additional magazines?

We hear you. The service will be introduced soon. Meanwhile, download and enjoy the free interactive magazines of your choice (available in the Titles section) or link your Astro ID with your Astro Smart Card number to download and read 3 premium titles.


20. How do I delete a magazine?

To delete a magazine you’ve added, tap and hold the magazine cover. A - sign will appear, simply tap that to delete. Changed your mind? Tap outside and the – disappears. Your download is safe! A magazine which is downloaded and deleted cannot be downloaded again as part of a previous entitlement. It will be counted as a fresh download!



21. How do I get in touch with Support at Astro Go Read?

Should you have any feedback, comments, or require assistance, tap on HELP in the menu.

Tap on Contact Us, tap the + and fill in the simple form to log/report issues.

Or you can call Astro Customer Service: 03 - 9543 3838